Selecting Your Puppy

Our process for selecting your new puppy may be a little different than some people are used to. We have implemented a process that makes us feel confident that selections are made so that everyone can choose the best puppy for their lifestyle and also ensure that the puppy will be living its best life.

Puppy picks are done on go home day, which is always the weekend after they turn 8 weeks old, in order of the reservation list. The list is updated constantly on our website. We will provide updates via the “My Puppy Page” section of the website weekly with pictures/videos and will let you know if you have moved up due to someone needing to move their reservation to the next litter. You will receive your log in to access your litters private page before the puppies are born.

We take reservations for a pick spot after a completed application and phone interview. A puppy purchase agreement is then sent out for esignature and the reservation fee is to be paid upon signing to secure your position. No guarantee of a pick position is made until the fee is received.

We are never able to guarantee a color, gender, coat type (curly or wavy) or if the puppy will be a “non”, light or moderate shedder. If there are allergy concerns, please note this in your application and also mention the allergies in your phone interview!

We do a Puppy Aptitude Test at 7.5 weeks and make the information available to everyone within 2 days of completion. We hope that everyone on the list for one of our puppies will take this data in to consideration when selecting their puppy. No preference is given based on color, coat type or gender. Our program is based around the curriculum and temperament testing.

Being last on the list does not mean you “get the puppy no one wants” or that the puppy available is less than any others that were picked before your pick position. Each puppy is unique but having said that, we also breed for temperament amongst many other important factors and we are sure your puppy will bring you joy for years to come. If for some reason, the puppy or puppies available to you at the time of your puppy selection are not what you are wanting, you are able to then be placed on the list for the next litter.